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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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Here you will find links to Mississauga Pops Concert Band's neighbouring bands, as well as favourite music links suggested by our members.

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Neighbouring Community Bands

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Music Jokes

Woodwinds, General

  • The Woodwind Fingering Guide -"A super site with comprehensive fingering charts for flute, piccolo, oboe, English horn, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon and more. Includes many alternate fingerings, trills, and tremolos." .../Lauren

Brass, General


  • Flutenet - Yahoo Group -"E-group of flutists worldwide. Warning: heavy email traffic! Opt for "digest" instead of individual e-mails, or browse postings onsite. Members include famous pros." .../Lauren
  • Flute World - flutes-only store (USA or online) for instruments, accesssories, printed music, and recordings
  • Larry Krantz's flute pages - comprehensive site with articles and links. Canadian site.
  • Jennifer Cluff - This Candian pro flutist and teacher just keeps on giving! Lots of information and even an online radio show. ../Lauren


  • International Clarinet Association - Joining ICA (annual fee) allows access to a lending library of over 6000 clarinet scores. Mailing lists, publications, and more. Suggested by Jerry.
  • Woodwind.org Clarinet Pages - Personal help by email, chat, classified, articles, large database of compositions, lots of resources here. Suggested by Jerry.
  • Helpful Clarinet Resources - a page of links especially helpful to beginners. Thanks to Jennifer (one of our readers)


  • The International Saxophone Home Page - "Lots of links. Includes history of Selmer saxophones" .../Margo
  • Classic Saxophone On-Line - "History of the saxophone, on-line chat, newletters, links, etc. ".../Margo
  • SaxShed.Com -"Help and information on playing and practicing the saxophone." .../Margo
  • Selmer - "Information on new lines of saxophones plus serial number history; find out the year your horn was made and other particulars. ".../Margo


  • Online Trombone Journal - "It is amazing the amount of passion and dedication attached to nine feet of tubing." .../David
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